to Tiger Masters Tae Kwon Do, located in Germantown, MD.  We have classes for Tiny Tigers (ages 3-5), Children, Adults, Teenagers and Families.  Our school has been in Germantown for over 33 years and we are passionate about our art.
We have the best program for all ages, all levels and all requirements. We offer classes for Tiny Tigers, Recreational and Traditional programs and Olympic styleTaeKwonDo and a NEW LADIES CLASS.  Visit our school and see why our students have been with us for years.
                  We are what we do repeatedly.  Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.       Everything, Everytime.
June 2017

1st - Summer Team training begins

16th - Belt Test - all students 6:00 p.m.

Summer Special - June, July and August

Ladies - All Out Workout
             Tuesdays 12 noon
             Thursdays 12 noon
             (children play area available)