• Forms 
  • Light Sparring 
  • Endurance
  • Mental Focus 
  • Stress Release 
  • Confidence
  • Weight Control

  • Kicking
  • Blocking
  • Jumping
  • Respect
  • Courtesy
  • Discipline
  • Focus

Teens - Adults
beginners - learning to punch
beginners - learning to block
children - blocking class
teens and adults - power stances
stretching for flexibility
teens and adults
teens and adults
This program is designed for the student who wants to progress quickly and is interested in a long term program.  The emphasis is on details, perfecting skills and becoming a true practitioner of traditional TaeKwonDo.  Classes are open to children, teenagers and adults.  Instructors work with each student to perfect his or her own art and Master Jordan is dedicated to each student's success.
Traditional TaeKwonDo
Ages 5 - 12